7. Version Policy

The move from v2 to v3 introduced many changes and deprecated module functions. The main functionality is handled by the Version class now. Find more information in the section Migrating from semver2 to semver3.

7.1. semver Version 2

Active development of major version 2 has stopped. No new features nor backports will be integrated. We recommend to upgrade your workflow to Python 3 to gain support, bugfixes, and new features.

If you still need this old version, use the maint/v2 branch. There you can look for the Changelog if you need some details about the history.

7.2. semver Version 3

We will not intentionally make breaking changes in minor releases of V3.

Methods marked as deprecated raise a warning message when used from the warnings module. Refer to section Displaying Deprecation Warnings to get more information about how to customize it. Check section Replacing Deprecated Functions to make your code ready for future major releases.

7.3. semver Version 3 and beyond

Methods that were marked as deprecated will be very likely be removed.

7.4. Support for Python versions

This project will drop support for a Python version when the following conditions are met:

  • The Python version has reached EOL.