3.15. Comparing Versions through an ExpressionΒΆ

If you need a more fine-grained approach of comparing two versions, use the match() function. It expects two arguments:

  1. a version string

  2. a match expression

Currently, the match expression supports the following operators:

  • < smaller than

  • > greater than

  • >= greater or equal than

  • <= smaller or equal than

  • == equal

  • != not equal

That gives you the following possibilities to express your condition:

>>> Version.parse("2.0.0").match(">=1.0.0")
>>> Version.parse("1.0.0").match(">1.0.0")

If no operator is specified, the match expression is interpreted as a version to be compared for equality. This allows handling the common case of version compatibility checking through either an exact version or a match expression very easy to implement, as the same code will handle both cases:

>>> Version.parse("2.0.0").match("2.0.0")
>>> Version.parse("1.0.0").match("3.5.1")