3.10. Converting a Version instance into Different TypesΒΆ

Sometimes it is needed to convert a Version instance into a different type. For example, for displaying or to access all parts.

It is possible to convert a Version instance:

  • Into a string with the builtin function str():

    >>> str(Version.parse("3.4.5-pre.2+build.4"))
  • Into a dictionary with to_dict():

    >>> v = Version(major=3, minor=4, patch=5)
    >>> v.to_dict()
    {'major': 3, 'minor': 4, 'patch': 5, 'prerelease': None, 'build': None}
  • Into a tuple with to_tuple():

    >>> v = Version(major=5, minor=4, patch=2)
    >>> v.to_tuple()
    (5, 4, 2, None, None)